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I use it every day and it has made my stiff, arthritic neck a lot better. The heat of this infrared/red led lamp loosens up my neck to where I can exercise it much better after the session.

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Warranty : 1 year


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3 reviews
  • Felicia S. Gonzalez

    I have a hand held redlight this one with a clip is so much easier to use! I’ve been using redlight therapy on and off for a year at planet fitness with their black card membership but, having an at home light I now have no excuse for not using it. I clip it to my table and sit at my chair which is super easy to use. Having just as good results as I did with machine at planet fitness!

  • D Dub

    I love this red light bulb. Although you need to hook it onto a gooseneck light stand so you can use it more flexibly, it is a good like to start of using the infrared or near infrared technology for pain

  • Mz Thang

    1) The value is great. I hope this never changes because it is one of its biggest selling points.

    2) The size of the lamp light cast is good and covers a large portion of your back, your whole face or other large areas if you want it focused instead of everywhere at once like those enormous lamp walls. For what I need, it is perfect.

    3) The clip and extra long cord with on/off switch in it is great. I only wish the on/off switch was closer to the lamp instead of further away. Its a minor inconvenience that just requires a bit of pre-planning if you don’t have someone nearby that can turn it on/off for you.

    4) Its relatively light weight considering the size of the lamp. I am able to comfortably carry it in my equipment bag to house call appointments (I am a massage therapist) and I am able to clip it where I need it at home for use. If you are struggling with places to clip it to, you can buy a good, lightweight, small, very inexpensive Amazon brand tripod to use it with (I think I paid $35 for mine) Note that the cheap tripod is a problem with actual camera photos and cell phone videos (because you get what you pay for) but for using with this lamp, it turned out to be perfect in a pinch and it redeemed what was looking like a bad tripod purchase

    5) It really works. If you are anything like me, someone warning me that the infrared lights are there are working but you won’t see them light up (and that means that you will have no idea if they are on and working) is NOT something that inspires confidence in you. Whomever their manufacturer is for the lamp is a good one and that matters because we are ALL tired of being lied to by strangers. Here are my stories.

    (a) I am a massage therapist and this last week has been busy. I have been putting in 5-7 hour days (that is 5-7 hours of non-stop manual labor with only 20-30 minute breaks between bodies for cleaning up room and taking care of personal needs) and my body has been telling me about it with aching thumb joint and a back that has been one giant, stiff, ache from doing real work on bodies on a massage table non-stop. (I don’t know who you folks are that give light and fluffy as pancakes back rubs and calling it a massage but if you are successfully busy doing that, sign me up for your job! LOL) Needless to say, I have been earning my money and a few other folks money too! Behold, the red light. I put it on my thumb for 20 minutes and the inflammation and pain in the joint was gone (thank god!). I shined it on my back (after I finally realized I could do that instead of suffer. Doh!) Again, 20 minutes and my back was significantly better. It isn’t 100% because I really do need someone to put their hands on there and knead some of this strain pattern out but I would estimate that the “ache reduction” in my back was a good 70-80% from just the light. That’s impressive.

    (b) I have a client who has arthritis in many parts of his body and his one hip is more tight and immovable than an old creaky door. I tried using the light on his hip for 20 minutes while I worked on the rest of him. After the light treatment, we had a 30% increase in his range of motion in that hip. For him and his high mileage body, that was VERY impressive.

    6) It is small enough that you can unplug it and stick it in a drawer out of the way. There is no need to find a “home” for it in the room somewhere because it is portable, lightweight and small with a big enough lamp to cover most large muscle areas.

    I use this as part of my treatments for specific clients that would benefit from it and I recommend red light therapy and this particular product every time. If this company would make me a commission sales person, I would be delighted to get paid to promote them since I am already doing it for free.

    Solid product. Recommended by a massage therapist who recommends it to her clients for their self care between visits with me. I hope they stick with the current manufacturer making the light. They are doing well. And did I forget to mention I am open to commissions for future sales? Contact me! 🙂

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