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Hi! I’m Amy, a former investigative/medical journalist turned light therapy specialist, who is passionate about helping people who are desperately hurting and feel unheard or frustrated by the side effects of medicine. My larger-than-life, shoot-for-the-moon purpose is to help people lower their stress and pain, and enjoy life abundantly (maybe for the first time).

I’m a bit nerdy about using systems and tools — like guided journals on empowerment, coloring devotions, geeky planners that have more space for to-do lists than appointments (because pushing 50=forgetful), online programs for fitness, yoga trapeze in the living room for my back, my light system for just about everything and my prayer journal, which is my FAVORITE. I like to use apps for some things, too, like Bible reading. These things are fun to me…and they keep my disciplined, feeling my best and joyful. Win-win-win. Guess what? Tools also work! ;-)

I’m slightly adventurous, as in I’ll try things outside my comfort zone like indoor climbing and zip lines in spite of my insane fear of heights, but you’ll never find me skydiving. Nope. Even adventurous people can have boundaries, okay? I’m also open-minded, because being so has led me to my own healing, fun hobbies, incredible friendships and most importantly, a relationship with Jesus. I love people and feel like I can learn something from just about everyone. But I’m an introvert, so if you meet me in real life, I’ll be pretty quiet — until you get to know me. Then I just don’t shut up. True story.

I loathe liver and onions, but I do like onions on most everything else — raw, cooked and especially grilled. My pet peeve is people who don’t load the dishwasher correctly. That’s all the people in my house, but the other 99.8% of the time, I totally adore my encouraging husband, talented teens and busybody kindergartner.

In fact, I spend most of my time at home and with this crew. They are why I do what I do. I’ve always been blessed to put family first, and I even homeschool my youngest and did a couple years of homeschool with the oldest. I truly treasure time spent with my loved ones, but my No. 1 love language is acts of service. So if one of these children actually put their dishes in the dishwasher, I go a little gaga!

I adore yoga, especially Christian yoga. I’ve got a few certifications and I love to help guide people into relaxation and tap into the parasympathetic using meditations, challenges, retreats and classes I occasionally offer online.

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15, South Old State Capitol Plaza, Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois, 62701, United States
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