Shani Darden by Déesse PRO LED Light Mask

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Our bestselling LED mask, re-engineered. This FDA-cleared device addresses aging, acne & pigmentation, while boosting collagen. New dual diode LEDs deliver the highest dose of red, blue & near infrared light therapy in cutting-edge wavelength combinations for smoothing, clearing & brightening benefits. Proven to help boost your mood, lower stress levels, and improve sleep quality.

What's Included

  • BPA-Free Face Mask includes 238 LED lights in red, near infrared & blue wavelengths.
  • Custom Neck Piece address fine lines, wrinkles & tech neck.
  • Handheld Controller includes country specific adaptors.

Payment Plan : YES

Warranty : 2 years


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Shani Darden by Déesse PRO LED Light Mask 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • Alyse

    This is my first LED device, and so far have been very happy with the progress of my results. To use once daily is an easy addition to my routine and the quality feels luxe. I have noticed a reduction in my fine lines, and overall see a glow to my skin. I have also noticed a quicker heal time with any blemishes.

    Looking forward to using this long term.

  • John P.

    The thing I didn’t realize I would enjoy so much from using my new LED mask is the 10 minutes of “me” time it gives me, but what I’m truly happy with is the noticeable smoothing of the horizontal lines in my forehead and the fine lines developing around my eyes…especially along the lower orbital bone. I’ve also noticed more of an overall glow to my skin since beginning the therapy in May. (I’ve been using the mask for 4 – 5 days a week for 5 weeks now.) The bonus is the neck unit. I’m so happy to be able to treat this very visible part of my skin in the same way I treat my face.

  • Jason Z.

    The mask is very comfortable and I immediately felt tighter & smoother skin after a few treatments. My favorite new thing at the end of my workday from home is to plop on my comfy chair and run the quick 10-minute light session. It’s like a meditation and face rejuvenator all at once! I love the sense of a healthy glow to start my evening.

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