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The lamp-stand is 4.4 out of 5 stars, so I rounded down. I'm docking .6 star because the user manual shows a locking screw for the upper portion and there is no screw hole, no screw, and the metal piece that would accommodate it is not grooved to support it. This means, if you lift the stand by the extension arm, it comes right out. This isn't necessary for most cases since it has caster wheels which work perfectly. The second down-side is the light-guard. You can see in the picture, they placed cardboard over it which requires you to remove the guard before use. This was quite difficult because of my Arthritis and how tight it was. I eventually removed it and got it back together after slightly bending a few of the insertion locking metal pieces while I had it out. This made it slightly easier for me to remove/replace. It's good that it won't just fall off, just very tight. The base was very easy to put together, but you will need a wrench or socket wrench to tighten the bolt at the base that keeps it all together. The light-head assembly is separate and requires insertion. This too was slightly difficult for me since my strength is weak in my right hand. I was still able to accomplish the task. Aside from that, assembly was very easy. I also took a picture of the plug and you can see that QC wasn't so great on packaging. In the second picture, you can see the plug has foam embedded on it. This doesn't affect functionality, but it looks strange.

Performance: I would recommend starting this lamp outside since the first few times you use it, there is some smell from all the heat generated. After cycling it around 5 times for 20 minutes each time, it seasons itself in and there is very little odor at all, if any. The bulb it comes with is a decent bulb, just not top end. It generates plenty of heat and so far it is performing well. This lamp stand is absolutely perfect for me because it is sturdy, easily maneuverable to virtually any angle, and has a switch to turn it on and off that isn't near the light itself, so the switch stays cool.

Bulb: The difference between 250 and 275 is obviously only 25w, however; I compared the bulb shipped with this unit to a popular bulb sold here on Amazon called Rubylux (aka. garbage) and the difference is drastic. I can feel a huge difference between them for my RA. In addition, the Rubylux bulb burned out quickly since they use an inferior element and they will not replace broken or defective items. This bulb is still going strong. The packaging says to contact the manufacturer to get a replacement, which I will be doing today just to keep an extra on hand.

In the end, I would definitely recommend this item to anyone who is looking for a way to make their life easier by having a maneuverable stand that you can put on any body part for treatment, even while you do something else at the same time. I wanted this so I don't have to go sit in a sauna or leave the house. I even work with the light on my wrist and hand as I feel relief from my RA using this.

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