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23W Powerful LED Red and Infrared Light Therapy

Irradiance :140mW / c㎡ at 0cm. Comes with 120pcs 3 in 1 LED didoes, total 360pcs LED chips including 240pcs 850nm near infrared invisible lights & 120pcs 660nm red lights. Size 10.2 X 15.7 inches for better cover on back, waist, hip, neck, shoulder and belly. Made of soft and skin-friendly materials for daily use. 2 Year Lifetime.

Relief Pain and discomfort of Muscles and Joints within three weeks

The red light helps rejuvenate skin, the infrared light helps repair deep tissues & muscles, improves circulation & relax your muscles.

Enjoy 20 Minutes red light therapy at home

Work with auto shut-off for 20 minutes. Optional three Therapy Modes: 660nm red, 880nm red or combined 660nm + 880nm red. Optional Always-on or pulsed modes for different skin condition.

Easy to use on the go:

Comes with adapter and long power cord that can be used at home. Designed with a pocket where you can put your power bank in for use in the movement such as walking or driving.

What You Get

1 Year Warranty, 1 X LED Belt with straps, 1 X Power Cord, 1 X Adapter, 1 X Manual. Ideal gift for your families and friends.

Payment Plan : YES

Warranty : 1 year


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2 reviews
  • Alex

    The belt itself:
    The belt is nice and lightweight, seems to be made of good quality materials, and is flexible. The power cord reaches a decent length, and there is a pouch on the belt for using a portable power bank instead of the outlet (but the power bank is not included). The belt’s biggest flaw is the straps. There is velcro on the straps that can attach to each other or the belt itself. They get in the way when trying to position the belt on my body, then I have a very hard time trying to strap them together to get the belt positioned how I want it. I find it difficult to get the belt to lay flat against my skin, which is how the belt is most effective. I think just two straps would have been easier to use than four.

    Light therapy and usage:
    The controls are simple and explained well in the instructions with one exception. To use pulse mode, it does not specify that the power button must be lit green first, before you hold it down again for 3+ seconds to get to pulse mode. It took me a while to finally figure this out.
    However, all the lights and modes work like they’re supposed to. The belt produces a nice warmth that I never found to be too hot. It also automatically shuts off after 20 minutes, which is nice, that way you don’t have to worry about losing track of time and keeping it on for too long.

  • Wesley

    This is a good quality and powerful light therapy belt. The LEDs in it are slightly different than your typical belt. Most light therapy belts use 2:1 infrared to red lights, but this one actually has 1:2 infrared to red. It has 120 total multichip LEDs, providing 120 infrared and 240 red lights. So if you want a light therapy belt with less infrared, this could be a good choice. But it’s not my favorite design, and the straps take more effort to attach compared to other light therapy belts. This belt has 4 built in straps, whereas most other belts just use a single velcro strap. That adds a lot of unnecessary effort to attaching the belt. It definitely attaches more securely with 4 straps, but it’s overkill for most uses. This particular belt really seems to be designed specifically for the cervical location depicted in the product images. But I just don’t see any real appeal over typical belts considering the extra effort involved in strapping this one.

    It operates with just a single button, so it has a bit less functionality than belts with remote controls. This one does have a pulse function, but there is no option to adjust the timer or power intensity.

    It’s a great belt, and very powerful, but I’m not a fan of the built-in strap system. It’s just too much work for me to put on. Even if I really wanted to use this in the upper back location, I don’t believe I could attach it without the help of someone else. . If for some reason you need a light therapy belt for just your neck/upper back, this might be a good choice. But for other locations or for versatility, a more traditional style light therapy belt is better.

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