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Democratizing clinical beauty tech and process

Bringing clinical-grade technologies and products (not just a cream or serum, but a whole treatment that’s proven to actually work) for DIY skin therapies. Same technology and results you’d get from professional treatments, in the comfort of your own home, and at the price everyone can afford.

Skin health is not about switching products, but changing the process

Most of us have tried dozens of creams, oils, balms, ointments. The fact that we keep having to switch products proves that topical alone to get results. What they need is something proven—a treatment, rather than a cream.

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Qure Skincare 4 reviews

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4 reviews
  • christie m.

    I have been using the mask almost religiously everyday for the last 2 months. I noticed a difference after about 1 month. The texture of my skin is looking so much more plump and clear. I have had many friends complimenting my skin and it’s really nice to see that other people are also noticing the difference. It’s also very relaxing to put my mask on before bed, it’s just a little zen moment to myself.

  • Joshua L.

    After trying this product for about 2 months now I can safely say it’s made it’s way into my nightly routine EVERY night. With a hectic schedule from school, to work, to internship, and doing everything else on the side this has always been my favorite thing at the end of the night. Putting on this mask after washing my face is so calming and relaxing and is the perfect after cleansing step to feel really clean and prepped for the night. Highly recommend and definitely worth the investment!!!

  • jill b.

    So far I’m liking the face mask I feel like my skin is brighter

  • Jodie M.

    The mask came packaged very well with helpful instructions. Easy to charge, easy to operate and after a few weeks feel I’m already seeing results. I am 50 with fine lines and wrinkles but a little acne also. I use both the red and pink setting daily and feel my skin is already plumper and acne has cleared up. Also scars are fading! Really happy with the product.

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