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QuasarMD (formerly Baby Quasar) was founded with a simple mission: Deliver professional quality, medical grade LED light therapy products to treat a variety of beauty and health concerns. We are the original light therapy device and have pioneered several major technological advances in the light therapy field and helped thousands of people improve their skin and their lives.

Our FDA-cleared, medical grade products deliver impressive results. Tackle wrinkles, acne, and pain, all in the comfort of your own home. Over the years, we have earned dozens of accolades from celebrities and major magazines, but most importantly, we have earned the trust of our customers. They have seen their skin improve with QuasarMD products. Take the next step to transform your skin.

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Warranty : 1 Year


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Quasar MD 2 reviews

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2 reviews

    I love love love this product ! Completely changed my skin after only 2 months of consistently using it I got rid of all sun damage spots and signs of aging !


    Super easy to use and although I have used it a few weeks, I notice a difference in my skin tone, redness is gone, and my pores are noticably smaller.

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