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Pure Daily Care is the #1 trusted brand for at-home skincare and wellness solutions.
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Pure Daily Care 4 reviews

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4 reviews
  • Trilly Wong

    Like many others, I was quite impressed with packaging, instructions and how easy it was to use. However I’ve just owned the wand for about 12 months and have used it gently ie no more than once a fortnight or sometimes a month. The rechargeable battery has already failed to hold charge! Not recommended, sorry…

  • Nancy Garibay Miranda

    Before purchasing I noticed some reviews saying “good customer service but faulty device” since others THOUGHT their wand was defective. I was one of these people. WRONG. The wand WORKS you just need to learn how to use it people! Like others I was lazy (and excited) so I skipped reading the included instruction cards and thought I would figure it out. This is an advanced skin care device with 4 different and unique modes so you will save yourself A LOT of time and energy if you simply take 3 minutes to read the included instruction card. Simply pressing the power button does not turn the LED’s on. You need to press “mode” until “Photon” is blinking and then press “intensity” to cycle through which lights you want. It works exactly the same with the other modes – just hit mode until that particular mode is blinking on the screen and the use the “intensity” button to adjust to your desired power level or desired LED color. Its actually super super simple. The customer service team was awesome! They responded within hours and educated me on proper use. Don’t be a lazy dummy like me and read the 2 included cards!

    Oh, and the best part is . . . it actually works and very very well! It has a luxurious feel to it – this feels like it would cost many hundreds of dollars and not what I paid for it. The LED’s are strong and you can instantly tell this is a premium product. Like any other beauty device don’t expect any miracles but I have been using it for some time and it definitely works if you have realistic expectations. I use very expensive Hyaluronic Acid and concentrated Vitamin C Serum (Obagi) and this device is a great way to make sure you are getting your moneys worth with your serums. After applying my serum I activate “Bio-Wave” and “Nutri -” and Red light. Bio-Wave gently tingles and warms my skin. Nutri – uses negative ions to deliver your pre-applied serum into the skin more efficiently. I am new to light therapy but use the red light since I read that its energy is effective in boosting skin elasticity and collagen. My serums absorb way faster than before and my skin glows! Its a good feeling to know your making sure your expensive serums are being put to work! I also use the blue light when I have the occasional breakout and it seems to reduce healing time by at least a few days. This is a 100% must buy item. Do not hesitate on this one!

  • dandeliongirl

    I ended up returning my Luma wand because even when fully charged it didn’t last long on the highest intensity settings (around 30 minutes) which for me, would mean I would need to charge this every day or use it while plugged in (which is also an option). Also, a couple times, the unit shut itself off a minute or so into the treatment time. I think I just received a dud, but I returned it for refund instead of replacement because I wasn’t thrilled with the massage feature (it just felt like buzzing, and nothing very special in my opinion) and using it on my entire face took much longer than I anticipated. Also, I’m disabled, so holding the device up to my face for 15-20 minutes at a time was too difficult.

    That being said, I do think this device is definitely worth trying because the company offers a free 12 month extended warranty, which protects buyers beyond the Amazon 30 day return policy. That says a lot to me! Warranty card is included in the box. Also, the LED lights are VERY powerful, and I could already see an improvement in just using it for 2 days before I returned it. For the past 3+ years, I’ve had a persistent issue with either rosacea acne or perioral dermitis (my GP isn’t sure which, and I haven’t yet been to a dermatologist) that has meant constant redness and breakouts, despite diet changes, frequent use of Rx antibiotic cream, zinc cream, using a Clarisonic with the cashmere brush head with a special eczema face wash (then cleaning the brush head with 90% alcohol), washing with cool water and patting my skin dry with fresh paper towels (never reusing a hand towel, for example), sleeping on silk pillowcases that are changed and sanitized regularly, using a humidifier in wintertime, etc. But after using this device for a couple days, my skin became almost completely clear! So I know the LED therapy offered by this device is very effective; I just needed a treatment device that would be more convenient and faster for me to use, so I ultimately decided to purchase a mask device (the project e beauty mask).

    The packaging is absolutely beautiful and high end looking, and the device itself has a nice feel. It comes with an instruction booklet, quick start guide cards, warranty card, charging cable, usb charging plug, a clear silicone ring that you can use to affix a disposable round cotton pad to the stainless knob in the middle of the lights, a drawstring velvet pouch for storage and a little black fabric eye mask that is lovely and well made. However, I’m not sure I’d personally trust the eye mask to completely protect my eyes because it lets in a little light around the outer edges and along the bridge of the nose. (My eyes are very sensitive, and wear Rx glasses with FL-41 tint because of chronic daily migraine and photophobia. But even if your eyes aren’t as sensitive as mine, keep in mind that a popular skin care company- one that begins with “Neutro” and ends with “gena” discontinued their LED skin care mask because of reports of eye injury/eye irritation, so I wouldn’t take the risk of using a LED device without some form of eye protection. It’s super bright, even with your eyes closed, so be sure to protect your eyes, especially while using this on your cheeks and nose).

    Because my skin issues are all over my face, and not just limited to the T-zone, for instance, a mask works better for me (much faster and easier because of my disability), but I do think this is a great little device, especially if you’re just planning to treat specific areas of your face. Also, I didn’t need a facial cleaning device because I already have a Clarisonic, and didn’t need a facial massage device because I’m a licensed massage therapist (though now too disabled to help others) and I have a professional cupping machine I can use for this purpose, as well as jade rollers, gua sha tools, and a Braun epilator that has a massage tool (which is a bit more effective as a massage tool, in my opinion). If you’re considering LED therapy for skin issues, I say go for it! You’ll spend less on this device than you’ll spend on Rx antibiotics and spa treatments, and it’s nice to have something like this to use in the convenience of home. I’m definitely sold on the therapeutic value of LED devices like this!

  • Jim B.

    At 68, I get told repeatedly that I do not look my age. I have looked into electronic shock therapy to increase collagen production for some time and the Luna is a great tool. Likely not as strong as what professionals use, but if used daily, versus expensive scheduled appointments every two weeks, this works as well in the privacy of my own home. I would suggest that you start off with the anti aging program if you are starting to see sagging eyelids as this is perfect for raising them up. Men in their 60’s start seeing their ears fall and lots of wrinkles. Using this has kept mine to a minimum and I think they may go away while taking hydrolyzed collagen as part of the program. Men! It’s ok to try and look as young as you can!

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