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PlatinumLED pride themselves on the fact that they have been in the high-power LED industry for over 9 years. In this time they have acquired the skillset and expertise - as well as the supply chain and manufacturing capability - to produce some of the worlds highest powered and most advanced LEDs.

4 years ago PlatinumLED saw the health benefits of red and near-infrared light and with the advice of a medical team, used their engineers to develop their first red light therapy products - the Bio Series range.

Those panels - available in 4 sizes - feature a high powered light in a simple design, emitting both red light (at 660nm) and near infrared light (at 850nm).

Then in 2019, PlatinumLED Therapy Lights announced their 2nd generation line of red light therapy lights - the BioMax range.

PlatinumLED BioMax 600 Review Summary

  • The numbers are amazing - the highest powered panel on the market, ultra low EMF levels, with a unique - but still credible - wavelength output covering red and near infrared spectrums.


  • The features are great - modular design (allowing for easy expansion), easy to use built ins and an assortment of 'in the box' inclusions to setup the panel where-ever suits.


  • And the price point, support and warranty are extremely competitive - an industry leading 3 year warranty, amazing direct with the owner customer support, free US shipping and an extremely attractive price point for a premium red light panel.


  • Overall this is a first rate red light therapy panel that would make an excellent choice for a first time buyer, or for someone looking to expand their red light setup.

Payment plan: NO

Warranty: 1 - 2 years


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Platinum Therapy Lights 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • Gail

    I committed to using the LED Platinum for 60 days straight. I must say it took almost 5 weeks for me to notice a difference in muscle recovery and soreness. Now I use it 5 days a week and if I am sore it immediately dissipates. I think I am also sleeping better. I have not noticed any difference in my skin.

  • Tara S.

    the lights are great! I wish I would have known how short the stand was I bought or that it was adjustable to raise the height to be able to stand in front of. Overall I love the lights! and had been wanting to get for a while! I believe in infrared light for healing and circulation!

  • Michael

    The light is good, but the customer service is terrible.

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