NORLANYA RED Light Therapy Machine

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Skin rejuvenation, facial toning, face lift, skin firming and Anti-aging photon therapy device. Visible skin improvement in 4-8 weeks.

660nm wavelength for most effective Photo Rejuvenation, Skin Collagen, Elastin Boost, Improve skin problems.

Two photon light working modes: Continuous and Pulse Modes (light comes intermittently).

System alarms every 60 seconds to remind you to move to the next area. Required to wear goggles during photon therapy and goggles are included.

Rechargeable Cordless Operation – Charge/ Power from computer USB port or Wall Plug charger. System cannot turn on during charging. Must unplug power cord to turn on system.

Payment Plan : NO

Warranty : 1 year



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Room 803, Chevalier House45-51 Chatham Road South Tsim Sha Tsui, Kln Hongkong
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NORLANYA RED Light Therapy Machine 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • Sherri C. Tom

    Saved My Skin, since I live in cold, dark Scotland my skin rarely comes into contact with sunlight, I use this 4 times a week for my acne and my skin had really cleared up

  • Sharoon Mat

    Other reviews said the mask was too heavy and uncomfortable. I find this not the case. Simply I use this as a relaxing treatment, so I lay down flat with a pillow under my head. I don’t use strap, the mask just rests. The eye area to the nose can dig a little so I just place a cottonwool pad there. I have read up on led lights before buying this so I no its gradual results over time. I’m working between red and yellow lights as these are best for my mature skin types.

  • Tania Saaren

    I have not been using this long enough to see results yet but so far I really like it. I’ve been doing 15 minutes red then 15 minutes blue. It has a nice warmth to it without being overwhelming. This mask is heavy but I would rather deal with that than a product that doesn’t have a high level of light like this one does.

    UPDATE: I do see a difference in my face. If you have enough hair to put it a top knot it’s easier to hang the strap on that so it doesn’t feel as heavy on your face.

    My remote to the mask stopped working after a couple months. I got in touch with Lisa at Norlanya and she was very helpful and immediately sent me a new remote.

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