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Newkey is a company specializing in the production of Led Face Mask Light Therapy. Pursue the company

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NEWKEY 2 reviews

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2 reviews
  • Frances B. Bocanegra

    I bought this about 8 months ago and it already died. The mask also does leave marks on the nose because it can be a bit heavy. For the amount it cost, it should have lasted longer than 8 months. I will not purchase this item again. I am very disappointed at the quality of the item, as well as how little it lasted.

  • Quoc Trang

    This will be a LEGIT REVIEW. I will keep it short, lol. Basically, I just bought a 3rd mask for my mother for early Xmas gift. First one was for us, 2nd one for my sister in law. Despite how lazy and busy I am all the time I do feel I owe them a review of the product. The first mask we bought was for us.

    I was impressed right away because you don’t have to wear eye goggles underneath to protect you from the bright lights. Iris from company had reached out to me and explained that they’ve done MANY TESTS and assured me that my eyes would be protected. The rubber protectors (SEE PICTURE attached) inside are what block out the light. About 90% of masks out there don’t have this part so you HAVE to wear the goggles underneath or else LED lights will harm your eyes. That’s important that you understand this point. It also fits comfortably on your face. I highly advise you to keep the straps loose, the mask’s weight will hold it on your face when you lay down, so no need to make it so tight. You might see an indentation on your brows after.

    The remote is super EASY to use. In about 2-3 pushes and you’re set to go. If you did your research about this mask you find out that the mask is one of 2 out there in the market that is FDA approved. Also it has some kind of coating that prevents it from scratches. The default setting will auto put you on the RED light first, for 20 minutes (will turn off auto by itself), and you can adjust power 1-5. Personally, I like the Auto Mode of the 7 Colors, meaning all 7 colors will change within that 20 minutes. I also set power to level 5. Keep in mind you may also can adjust the time.

    Does it work you may ask? YES!!!!!!!!!!!! My god, after the first session my face looked dramatically better, more colors, better tone complexion, etc… Keep in mind I’m a guy, I’m not proficient with facial skin terminology. Anyway, my girl and I’ve been using it maybe for 3 weeks now. We do skip using it every other day. I also notice when I shave my face will in flame, lots of redness, and this mask does help my face go back to normal about 30%. If you have the money, BUY IT!!! It’s worth it.

    One other thing I do want to confess. Before buying this mask, I did buy one other mask from a different company which I ended up returning. We didn’t like it because you have to wear goggles underneath and we experienced blurred vision. I didn’t like it. This one you DON’T. That’s very important. Also that mask’s remote control was very hard to use. And it wasn’t FDA approved like this one.

    I hope this helps. I know you’ll love it. Good luck!!!

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