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Large area

The near infrared light therapy pad is wearable and consists of a 16.5" x 8" flexible pad, which covers a large area and is comfortable to use. Our near infrared light therapy is large area and greatly shorten the time. Total 120Pcs 3-in-1 LED Diode, Each 1pcs 660nm + 2pcs 850nm deeply organized;

Infrared and red light dual-light therapy

Red light can reach the deep layers of the skin, promote blood circulation and stimulate cell repair, making the complexion more vibrant and youthful. Infrared rays are invisible to the naked eye, and have stronger penetrating power, produce thermal effects, increase tissue temperature, joint pain relief, fat lose, promote blood circulation, hair regrowth, and improve cell viability and regeneration, Relieve muscle soreness, lipo laser mat;

2M long UL power cord

Our power cord Pass UL certification and with a length of 2 meters can also greatly increase the scope of use of the product, whether at home or in the company, doing housework, work, or sports. Our red light therapy wrap is equipped with a soft sbr pad and a Velcro strap, which can be used on the back, hips, chest, neck, arms, shoulders, knees, feet, elbows;

Automatic timer

Our infrared therapy wraps large automatically timed for 20 minutes, each time it is used continuously for 20 minutes, it will automatically turn off. The use time in one treatment should not exceed 40 minutes. Please wait to cool your body and drink some water before using it next time;

Payment Plan : YES

Warranty : 1 year


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