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Light can make a difference in your world –that's why we're always developing products that help you work and live better.

MAINENG innovative special lighting systems can help your everyday life in numerous ways, including many that you wouldn't have thought possible.

The special lighting range includes lamps designed for three specific segments: Gardening, UV Purification and Health & Industry. Every lamp has been developed to meet your needs in the most effective, efficient way.

Payment Plan : YES

Warranty : 1 Year


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5-1 Guangle CTR RD, Xiaolan, GD, PRC

MAINENG 2 reviews

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2 reviews
  • Medrick C. "RICK" DeVaney.

    I Use This Item On A Daily Basis. And It Surely SEEMS To Help.
    I HAVE Noticed My Skin Seems To Be Clearing Up & It Itches Far Less,
    So I ASSUME It’s Working Properly , And I’ll Continue Using It Until Proven Otherwise,
    It Has Been Researched By Other Medical Providers, Such As Kaiser Research Laboratories & The Federal Government, Whom Also Use This Product,….
    What The Hell…” Works For ME !!

  • Paula

    I’ve only recently began trying therapeutic red lights and I am impressed with this one. After over a month of use I do see a difference in my skin and I’m impressed.

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