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High Efficiency Nasal Spa

LASEPREHT Red Light Nose Therapy Device is designed with 650nm red light, which produces a series of energy and biological effects through red light irradiation, resulting in an effect. Note: The cable connecting the nasal probe to the host is contained inside the red light nasal box. Open the lid at the bottom of the red light therapy nasal box and you will see.

Small, light and easy to use

All-in-one design, compared with the traditional therapeutic apparatus, it adopts an all-round red light design, small and light, easy to carry, can be used anytime, anywhere in the bag, with its own screen display, adjustable power and time , intelligent chip control, one charge can be used continuously for a week!

Principle design

A new method of physical phototherapy, Use 650nm red light for omnidirectional illumination instead of vertical illumination, causing photochemical reaction, accelerating blood cells, promoting metabolism, enhancing disease resistance.

Course of use

It is recommended that adults use 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes each time. It is recommended for children and the elderly to reduce the time. At the same time, some people should not use it (please refer to the instruction manual for details). Two weeks is a course of treatment. more and more smooth.

Attention & After-sale

Please read instructions before use, Some people do not use it (see instructions for details), do not put it directly into the eyes, and cannot be used when charging. If you encounter any use problems, please contact us immediately, we will provide solutions, and we will provide you with 30 days Trial period and one-year product warranty.

Payment Plan : YES

Warranty : 1 year

LASEPREHT 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • Henry

    First time to try light therapy product since I feel neck pain sometimes when I sleep in a wrong position. This device is small and light weight so I could use anywhere on my body, however there is no flexible holder with long arm for it. I have to hold it on my neck with my shirt as this photo.

  • Karen J. Breyette

    I tried it and it worked for pain right away, and my knee injury that I have been struggling with for 6 months has finally started to. I also used it on my dog for a shoulder injury and she is now back to her happ self

  • Keagan Williams

    I payed over 2 grand to see what was making my beagle/boxer limp. Nothing seem to help. I bought this as a last resort. I can not believe it it actually works. I used it for a week. 5 minutes at a time. My dog acts like he never had a problem now! Good luck

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