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Founded in 2003, Freedom Laser Therapy began as a laser therapy clinic using innovative, state-of-the-art low-level laser technology to help smokers overcome their addiction through a safe and non-invasive process. Based on the success experienced with our laser therapy clinic, we have combined our years of research and knowledge on the incredible benefits of low-level laser technology to launch the iRestore. Using the same non-invasive approach, we combine innovative technology and naturally-derived ingredients to provide a product that will not only leave you looking your best but feeling your best too.

Hair loss at any age can leave you struggling with confidence, and we believe that safe and effective hair growth should be accessible to all. With iRestore, we have created a product designed for convenience and affordability, which can be used on-demand in the comfort of your home.

Unlike some of the most well-named brands in the hair growth industry, our hair care products feature high-quality ingredients without harsh chemicals like minoxidil or finasteride. Our FDA-cleared devices are a non-toxic solution to help reinvigorate thinning hair and are clinically proven to provide healthy hair growth using our advanced low-level light technology. iRestore will transform your life and give you the confidence to put your best foot forward, each and every day.

Restore the health of your hair with safe, natural, and effective iRestore products, the leader in non-invasive, drug-free, restorative hair growth.

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Warranty : 1-2 years



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