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Easy & comfortable use

Flexible & hand-free operation for daily use. The infrared light therapy belt comes with a soft SBR pad and a wrap buckle, which you can adjust the size as you want, this flexible portable system can be used for your body such as back, waist, chest, neck, arms, shoulder, knee, leg, elbow and focus on treatment at home or in the office

Helpful Red Light Therapy

The red light therapy for body adopts the SMD newest technology, which has 216pcs 660nm red lights and 108pcs 880nm near-infrared lights. It will be more targeting, effective and powerful on pain relief and muscle relaxation. Good for sport injuries, sore back and muscle pain. Great gift for father, mother, family and friends

Safe Use

FDA Cleared, our therapy wraps are widely applied on pro athletes, leading doctors, physical therapists, and trainers. Buy this red light therapy device and experience painless, safe and natural physical pain relief solution with no negative side effects. Now you can apply to ease joints and muscles at home

Suitable Size & Auto Timer

12” x 6” large therapy area. Buckle straps can be adjusted from 14” to 51”, fits for most body sizes. The red light therapy belt comes with 20 minutes auto off timer, two modes can be easily switched. Do not exceed 40 minutes of use in one therapy session. Wide voltage AC 100 - 240 V, DC 12 V, 15 Ft power cord is long enough in the range of your activity

Two Modes & Warranty

There is steady-on mode and upgraded flickering pulse mode. The steady lighting mode can effectively relax muscle. In the pulse mode the lights can flicker 10 times one second, which can stimulate cells to repair and deeply penetrate joints and muscles for pain relief. One Year Full Warranty on the whole product. Lifetime Free Replacement on charger, controller and connectors

Payment Plan : YES

Warranty : 1 year

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3 reviews
  • Joel A

    To power this thing you have 2 cords running from the belt to the controller, one cord from the controller to the power adapter and then one from the adapter to the wall. Resizing the buckles is a pain and it doesn’t just cinch, its more of a manual guess the length and then try it. The red light portion is great but they should have stopped there and just thrown some velcro straps on it like everyone else. The vibration is cool for a minute but looses its thrill pretty quick and the controller is very cumbersome to use and not very intuitive at all.

  • Jessica Edwards

    Here are the pros: the waist pad is big enough to cover a range of sizes – it covered a substantial portion of my back. The bands around were large enough and comfortable, with large buckles. The red light comes on immediately at varying wavelengths.

    The cons: the remote should be better to handle the different levels and options. I got the red light to work fine and was able to change the levels easily. I could not get the vibration to work even after consulting with the manual.

    It does come with two pamphlets. It also needs to be plugged in, so cannot be used wirelessly. One thing I didn’t like in the FAQs was a question about side effects – the answer was, don’t worry about it…

  • Nancy A. Steele

    The massage part of this is useless, its really just annoying vibration. The directions for using the controller are not simple. The adjustable belt/buckle thing is not as easy to use as just plain vel-cro would have been. The controller is clunky. You have to be plugged in to use it which is a bit inconvenient so I’ll most likely look for a battery pack. The whole wire thing is just overwhelming. Its a bunch of wires and a big controller. The X-large is really big and covers a good amount of area at once. I’ve only used it a few times and so far I can not tell if it is working but I will continue as most people seem to say it works if you keep using it.

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