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The Gleam Mini is a handheld light therapy device that produces red and near infrared wavelengths designed to optimize cellular function, and improve overall health and wellness. It works because part of your cells called mitochondria soak up the red light and make more energy. Experts think this helps cells repair themselves and become healthier.

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Warranty : 1 year

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Gleam 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • H. Mcknight

    The small device is great. Only regret is that I didn’t buy the bigger one.

  • Kacper H.

    The mini is small but its heavy. Very convenient to be able to bring this with me to work but it adds a lot of weight to my commute. Would love.a lighter plastic version.

  • Leo R.

    Helps with my joint pain. Started off doing 10 minutes a day but planning on doing 20 minutes per day now.

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