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Ember Wellness was founded by Amanda Schuler, an innovator at heart with a love for design and wellness. Ember is anchored by her passion for natural and alternative therapies and her commitment to creating products that are sustainable, inclusive, cruelty-free, and represent women throughout all stages of their lives.

Before founding Ember, during her own search for clean beauty products, Amanda was surprised how so many ‘clean’ skincare products had upwards of 15-50 ingredients. This didn’t seem right and was ultimately what inspired Ember’s own line; a back-to-basics approach where each product contains a minimal amount of ingredients, each of which is exactly what is needed. Purposely crafted with no fillers, no water, and honoring the skin’s natural barrier.

Schuler comes to the beauty space after co-founding and building the furniture and design brand Gus* Modern for 20 years. Having exited the company in 2020 during the pandemic, she decided to pursue her passion for bringing natural beauty, health, and wellness to women the world over, with the goal of helping women feel comfortable in their own skin. Schuler feels that her background in design makes her uniquely positioned to create a brand that marries a minimal aesthetic with transparent ingredient listings.

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Ember Wellness 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • Devin R. Johnson

    I used to pay extra for an LED session after my facials, after hearing and seeing the benefits to skin rejuvenation. So happy I invested in getting my own. After 2 months of using it nearly every other day, my skin is more plump and skin tone is more even. Maybe it’s also the hydrosol and oil I am using after, but whatever the combo is, it’s working! Not the mention having the bright light therapy to enjoy on those dark winter days. Also, My teenage son is using the acne setting and he’s seeing a difference too. And loves using it.

  • Carol T. Quintero

    While it hasn’t yet been a full two weeks since I started using this mask, I have already noticed a major difference in my skin after using it every night as part of my skincare routine. Every month without fail, I get hormonal acne around the lower parts of my face and it takes a looooong time for it to heal completely (even when applying products to speed up the process). In just two sessions, 3 of the pimples that showed up this week are almost GONE. I’m pleasantly surprised! The mask is also of excellent quality and easy to use. One more (very important!) thing to add: customer service is wonderful! I’m so happy with my purchase!

  • Darcy B. Russell

    I love this mask. The ‘mood boost’ feature has definitely helped lift me out of my winter blues and it is just so fun to use. My favourite thing is that it is portable. I can be taking care of myself as I clean the house, or even use on the go while travelling! This mask has become a staple in my self care routine and I couldn’t ask for anything more, especially it fitting so well to my face!!!!!

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