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Anti-Wrinkle & Acne Light Therapy

Our LED light therapy tool is a OTC Class II medical device that uses 3 powerful treatment settings to treat acne and aging at the same time

Combats Acne & Aging

A non-invasive and cost-effective clinical-strength treatment, LED facial light therapy reduces fine lines and wrinkles and penetrates pores to purify skin

Improves Skin Tone

Designed to reduces future flare-ups and potential scarring, our blue light acne treatment device soothes inflammation, minimizes pores, and calms redness

Natural Rejuvenation

Our combination anti-aging and acne tool purifies pores, stabilizes oil glands, and stimulates natural collagen and elastin production for clear, healthier looking skin


dpl IIa Device, One Year Warranty, Instruction Manual, AC/DC Power Supply

Payment Plan : YES

Warranty : 1 year


DPL 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • Shawn

    I’ve been reviewing these red light therapy items, the hand held flashlights, and this by far is the most effective. As another reviewer implied – at least you get the benefits of a heating pad and that it certainly true.

    I do feel like these work, but I’m pretty skeptical that the reason is the light frequencies doing something to the cells. Maybe, of course, but also maybe it’s just the massaging and the heat.

    It’s a bit of an odd setup, maybe. I guess it’s meant to be portable because it’s got a battery that is supposed to be used for a session – max 20 minutes and on a full charge the battery should last 3 of those sessions, and mine seemed to have plenty left after 3 sessions. It charges up pretty fast. Seemed like a couple hours or less.

    It’s a little like tying on a heating bag – the straps are free for the pad, which is tricky behind you, and especially if it starts slipping it’s not great. If you are sitting against something to hold it in place it’s not an issue, but I don’t really think this would be good for anything very active. Or maybe I’m missing something obvious (wouldn’t be the first time).

    The handheld units have lots of programs and features in addition the timeout. Strobing and such. Nothing like that here. And there are less light frequencies as well.

    But, on my neck. it’s really great. It can get a little too hot actually, but it does work some nice and pleasant relief into the area. And my neck has felt good after a while the few times I have used it so far.

    I’m kind of excited to see what will happen. I feel like my knees have benefited from the handheld (though it may just be benefits from increased circulation). This is more like a portable heating bad, that may have some other healing qualities, but the heating pad part alone is pretty nice.

    The price does seem high, but LED grids can get a bit pricy anyway. These are enough to make a pretty full fledged stage light – and while those have a lot more tech in them (ie DMX, and targeting mechanics) the cost of the lights themselves can be a real factor in the price.

    In the end, if it works for you, then this is a cheap price – and smart move. But if it is just heat or the lights don’t work then it’s a waste and kind of embarrassing at that. At least they do work well enough to feel (if it’s only heat) and not like a lot of vitamin supplements that you have no idea if they are working at all.

    As I said, this is the best option so far – superior (in my skeptical mind) to the handheld (though they have more light frequencies and program options) and I’d recommend getting this first out of those options. If the price is okay with you, this is a well built and nicely designed and sturdy seeming light pad.

  • Ileana Conlin

    After several weeks of hurting and no relief from topicals. Taking nsaids for weeks etc. I tried this unit. After two weeks I finally was getting consistent relief. Relief kept increasing with use. I would recommend this. You’ll have to be patient depending on the severity of your issue. I am confident however that you will feel better with use.

  • krh

    Excellent. I love this for my knee and also use it for my dogs Arthritis in his back.

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