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DGYAO founded in 2012, specializes in manufacturing and exporting red light and near infrared light led therapy deice home use wearable led pad for back, arthritis, joins, knee, elbow, feet pain relief.

DGYAO is one of our red & near infrared light therapy device brand. Our company integrates online and offline sales with independent development, production, sales mode. Equipped with automatic machines for production and technical development. Equipped with automatic machines for production and technical development, professional technician team, an innovative R&D department organized QC system and ERP system, DGYAO is capable to optimize its production process. The organized production management and quality control system enables us to be your reliable supplier and partner, offering top quality and modern large-scale production with low costs and in high efficiency.

Innovation is our lifeblood. We try to keep pace with latest red light therapy device development trend and seek for the cooperation to develop more and more new and competitive products. So apart from own main products, OEM and ODM are warmly welcomed.

In the past 10 years,DGYAO has been a very fast and steady growing company. Our products have received good reputation in domestic and overseas markets, such as ,Europe, America, Australia, etc. Also, our product sales have always been among the top 10 in the category of infrared device on the Amazon.com, and our products have also acquired many positive feedback from users. We treasure every opportunities cooperating with customers from all over the world and will keep supplying much better products with diversified designs and professional services.

We are looking forward to inquiries and suggestions from all the old and new customers. Sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to visit our company and cooperate with us on the basis of long-term and mutual benefit business relationship.

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Warranty : 1 Year



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Room 404, Floor 4, No. 54, Shijing Section, Guanzhang Road, Shijing Community, Dongcheng Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, 523000, China
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DGYAO 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • Georgia Girl

    Review plus 2 updates below:
    I received the DGYOA Wearable Wrap Therapy in August 2020. The on-off switch was not working. I had to connect and disconnect the electrical cord from the electrical outlet to turn the lights on the pad on and off. This was not satisfactory for a new product; I wanted a working switch. Therefore, I returned the product for a replacement. Actually, the on/off switch started working the day I was returning the pad. I returned it anyway as I felt it was not a stable switch.

    Update: 9-2-2020. I received a replacement a few weeks ago. The on/off switch worked. It was obvious from the first time I used the replacement that it was a new, unused pad. This replacement pad was so much firmer. The first pad was not firm and must have been used as it bent very easily and did not have a fresh-new look to it. I’m glad I replaced it. Replacement was very easy to do as a Prime member.

    The new pad and switch work very well. I was using the pad daily on my arthritic knee, then I started using it every-other day. And then I didn’t use it for 3 days, used it and waited 3-days again. On the second round of not using it for three days, I had knee pain and burning during the night. I was surprised, I had forgotten that I was having pain in the past during the night. Sometimes you can’t really tell if something is working or not until you stop using it. We tend to forget sometimes that we used to have pain. The fact that I was pain-free for many nights until this second time of not using the pad for a while let me see the difference. That day I made sure I used the pad again and I had a pain-free night. My goal is now to use the pad daily.

    I also used the pad, for the first time, on my other knee which has a little arthritis (the better knee). I felt no discomfort at all the next morning in the better knee. I usually have some discomfort and sometimes little a burning in that knee. I feel a little discomfort in the knee that has more arthritis, but I expect that as that knee is not a healthy. Still it is discomfort, not pain. I am going to look into purchasing a second pad so I can do both knees at the same time.

    I had stopped exercising for a while and I do not take any type of pain medication so I can clearly state the help the pad provides as no other factors were involved to influence the success or non-success of the light therapy. When I get back into an exercise routine, I expect to have some pain in the knee, but I trust it will be less as I know the pad definitely helps to relieve pain.

    Update 10/4/2020. This pad works very well for me to relieve knee pain and I do walk better. I use it everyday. If I miss 2 or 3 days I can definitely tell a difference. Discomfort and some burning returns. I have been using it on both knees and decided to get a second pad kit so I can get the treatment done in 30 minus rather than 2-30 minute sessions. Looking back, I should have purchased the package with the 2 pads from the start but I didn’t know much about it so I didn’t want to put out that much money at first. I the vendor also sells one pad with the cord rather than the entire kit. However, after looking at that I saw it was not Amazon Prime so I could not return it without shipping costs. Plus, from the reviews it almost seems like those single pads may have been returns; it had bad reviews. Buying a 2nd entire pad kit seemed the safest way to go.

  • Lady Jupiter

    I am a huge fan of red light and infrared light therapies, and have a few home devices. This wrap really attracted me because it’s flexible and easy to take with you – unlike my red & IR light panels. I have already given one as a gift to a parent recovering from a shoulder surgery, and recommended it to a neighbor who had a knee surgery. I would buy mine again in an instant.

    So besides my established love of red light and infrared therapies, I am a big fan of home devices that just work. I bought the single wrap to keep handy – like an opposite ice pack. If I have any ache or pain I do my very best to “wrap & nap” in the afternoon, or at least wrap while relaxing after dinner. I wish I had it when I was dealing with tendonitis, but better late than never. Menstrual cramps are a quickly soothed, shoulder pains from sleeping in an odd position are solved after a better positioned “wrap & nap.”

    I rarely experience anything beyond simple aches and pains, and I reach for this wrap long before I reach for OTC pain relievers. I forget about the OTC pills because this wrap melts away the aches perfectly. And that’s great for me because I am a big fan of pain management without pharmaceuticals when possible.

    This wrap has three main parts. 1) Actual panel with little bulbs – only half of the bulbs emit visible light; infrared light isn’t visible to human eyes, but you can see it with your phone’s camera. 2) Wall adaptor, and 3) timer extension. Personally I don’t use the timer often (I prefer to use the panel longer), so I just set it aside. I usually use the panel powered directly from the wall adaptor – it works just the same, but without the 20 minute shut off.

    The timer is a 20 minute limiter – other times are not programmable. So if you want 20 minute increments (like if you want to have equal-time sessions on each knee and hip within 1.5 hours), then this included timer is perfect for you! If you’re like me and want the panel longer – then you can bypass the timer entirely. I love placing the panel at my lower back while I watch Netflix for an hour to wind down from the day.

    Placement (under or over clothes) is truly up to you – the consumer, but these lights benefit better with closer contact, so I always use mine directly on my skin. The area will get warm (infrared is great!), and you probably will sweat from the heat, but my experience is that the sweat is not overwhelming or excessive – this probably varies from person to person. If you’re worried about sweating all over your panel, I would recommend toweling off your treatment area every 20 minutes or so – depending on the level of moisture perceived. I know that I have sweat plenty on my panel over the months of using it – I have detected zero change in use or odor. Oh, and for the record this panel (and timer) are silent. No beeps, boops, or chirps. If you’re using the timer, you only know that the 20 minutes is finished because the wall adaptor light changes colors, but I always feel the lack of heat first. This is a positive feature for me, because I often unplug the panel when my husband is sleeping – the silent operation lets him stay asleep.

    TL;DR: Buy this panel if you ever use heating pads. This is your new heating pad and it does more at a cellular level. It’s not cheap, but it’s totally worth it to ease any aches or pains, and very handy for wound healing.

    (PS – There’s some really interesting research about red light and infrared light helping actual fat loss; efficient spot reduction. The general notion is that infrared (that penetrates deeper into the skin) can make fat cells more porous and easier to shrink or dissolve. Pop over to scholar.google.com and search for articles with words like “infrared light on human adipose” or “photobiomodulation infrared benefits.” The findings are mind-boggling, public, and available to those to who look for them!)

  • Sioux

    I’ve only had this for a couple of weeks and have experienced amazing pain relief in my lower back/hip where the docs said I have degenerative arthritis across the crest of my iliac, especially since a skiing accident about a decade ago. It had been getting worse and worse for the last 5 years during retirement, especially when I garden/weed, no matter how careful I am, and when I carry any weight when hiking. So… a friend suggested I try red light/NIR and see what happens. I am so impressed. I use it most mornings before I get out of bed and it’s changing my life. I can even pick up the acorns in my yard, go for longer walks, and stand in place without pain.

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