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Maison curates a selection of objects focused on quality, minimalism, and functionality. Our mission is to provide a unique set of products that fascinate and inspire the user.

Our selection of products are designed and imported from all over the world. Whether from Denmark or Japan, some of these items have never received exposure in the United States.

We review each product, down to its packaging, to ensure that
we continuously provide the best in both quality and design.

Security and privacy are the two things more important to us other than
the quality of our products. All of our transactions are SSL secure, and your
information will never be saved or shared without your permission.

Payment Plan : YES

Warranty : 1 Year



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5, South Main Street, Englishtown, Monmouth County, New Jersey, 07726, United States

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5 reviews
  • kily judy

    Been training Muay Thai for years with feet issues. Glad to find a device like this to take care of my feet at home and on the go. Yes, it does help speed up my recovery as well as prevention. Been using it everyday since I got it.

  • Zhang YongYing

    This helps with foot pain!
    Bought this for my husband to help alleviate his arthritic foot pain. After several uses, he said it is helping to reduce the pain. The pain was severe enough that it would wake him up in the middle of the night. After using this for a week, he is not having that issue. I bought another one for his hands. Both have a 20 minute timer so it will shut off automatically so he can’t leave it on too long. Just purchased another one for my Mom to help her too.

  • medy cammie

    Good for foot relief
    I get heel pain often and was looking for something that can provide relief when needed. This is the perfect size for something I need. Does not take up much space. Fits neatly away under my desk. Has helped give relief for my pain.

  • hews kily

    Easy to use and set up. I’ve been using it for about a week now and the pain has seemed to have gotten better. Research says it takes about a month to get the full benefits of red light therapy! It’s worth trying this device for pain relief!

  • Jiky

    It feels really nice on painful feet
    If I’ve been on my feet all day and my heels hurt, this is my go to for relief, and it works. Red and infrared light has been proven effective on pain. Try it.

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