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OUR TEAM Our company is a professional manufacturer for over 3 years. We have product develop department and produce the product by our own factory. If you need customized products, please contact us by email.


Our product will be launched after these procedure: collect data - design product function and style - produce sample - test product - improve product.

Payment Plan : YES

Warranty : 3 years

BONTANNY 2 reviews

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2 reviews
  • Roula M.

    This Red Light Therapy panel is of super high-quality. It is very well-built and functions flawlessly. It illogical that few red or invisible LED lights should not make much of a difference in your level of relaxation and reducing chronic pain. However we love this panel and we used it for the last few days and everybody in the family is a total believer. It is has the effect of that totally happy relaxation feeling of sunny warmth that reminds you of your most joyous day on the beach. Furthermore this BONTANNY BR300 panel has effectively reduced the chronic pain in my knees and hands caused by arthritis. We will keep using this red LED light magical panel and we will keep you guys updated. BONTANNY BR300 gets 5+ STARS and it is highly recommended.

  • KarenH

    For the money – this is what I would call a medium priced unit – but it is very effective. It arrived very quickly and sellers reached out to see if everything was okay – good service! I would definitely recommend this until.

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