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We are Daman Beauty, LLC a Houston-based, and proudly 100% AAPI, female-owned beauty manufacturer and distributor since 2017. Yvonne Chen is the founder, CEO, and 100% owner of Daman Beauty, the parent company of Aphrona Beauty®. She moved to Houston, TX from a small town in China back in early 2000. She came to the U.S. to pursue her modelling career. In 2003, Yvonne first got the idea for Daman Beauty after spending long days on set, she discovered smooth and radiant skin can be restored with the use of LED light therapy. In 2015, she began her journey to producing beauty devices for individuals to use at home or in their home spas. Yvonne holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Law and two MBAs one in Finance, the other in accounting. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and spending time with family.


A global leader in design and distribution of licensed and private label beauty devices; and the creator of Aphrona® Beauty. For over a decade, Daman Beauty has been providing safe, effective and innovative solutions for a variety of beauty concerns.


Aphrona offers high-quality, effective home-use beauty products that are safe, effective, and easy to use. Our beauty devices leverage innovative technology and are designed to give you beautiful, healthy skin from the very first treatment.


We use patented LED technology to deliver superior results that you can see and feel. Our products are backed by science, so you can trust that they will provide real results.


Daman beauty has exclusive relationships directly with the manufacturing plants that deliver the highest quality beauty products

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Warranty : 1 Year



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5252, Hollister Street, Near Northwest, Northwest Crossing, Houston, Harris County, Texas, 77040, United States
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Aphrona 2 reviews

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2 reviews
  • Karen P. Brantner

    I only tried the mask on the blue light setting for acne. For that purpose, it works phenomenally. I am 38 and have had acne since my early teens. Nothing worked and I was reluctant to try Accutane. After a couple weeks of using the mask for 45 minutes / day, my acne is completely cleared. Amazing. Unfortunately, the wiring falls apart quickly. First, the connector where the power cord connects to the mask cracked and fell apart. I cut out the connector and soldered the wires back together to get the mask to work again. This worked for a few weeks until the power cable cracked where it meets the control box. Now the mask is back to working intermittently and sometimes not at all. I finally gave up and placed an order for a competing brand’s mask in the hopes that it will hold up better over time.

    UPDATE: The manufacturer contacted me following my review to inform me that they released an updated model with improved wiring that addresses the issues mentioned above. They sent me an updated model completely free of charge within a week of my review. I can’t ask for better customer service than that!

    The revised mask also has an updated retention strap. The original model used a smaller band with 4 attachment points and the new model uses a thicker band with 2 attachment points. Both versions work fine for me.

    I also own a competing mask, the Newkey 7, and the Moonlight mask is significantly brighter. Over twice as bright on max brightness. I would now highly recommend this mask. The manufacturer cares about their product and goes above and beyond with support and customer service.

    The mask continues to work exceptionally well to control my acne. I use it 25 minutes each morning and 25 minutes each night on the blue light setting and it has cleared my cystic acne of 20 years.

  • Shani

    I’ve been using this mask for several weeks now and have noticed my skin feels tighter and my fine lines seem to be reduced. I’ve been using it approximately 4 times weekly with a facial serum, and the next day my skin looks really clear. I do notice the mask is tight on my nose when I use the strap, this could probably be resolved using the mask while lying down without the strap. I did purchase tanning glasses because the lights are bright and the cloth mask I received with the product covered more of the skin around my eyes. Overall I really like it and feel it’s helping my skin!

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