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Anyork is a leading innovative startup mainly providing golf Rangefinder and golf related.
Professionals, enthusiasts, and newcomers alike are welcome to experience our products first-hand, and our warm, knowledgeable and professional staff is here to provide expert information and friendly service and to ensure the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

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Anyork 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • KadyOne

    Before going to a hand specialist, thought this was worth trying. I have a much smaller red laser device and it had helped some. This heavier-duty device was worth the price.

    I have used it for extended time periods since it came in the door on the back of a hand I’ve got nerve damage in, along with the index finger, from a couple of very hard hits to it. In just a few days, its eased at least 3/4 of the burning pain and even has improved the surface of the skin.

    And, I recently had several skin biopsies and spots “frozen” and the areas are still sore and inflamed a week later. Used the laser last night on them and they are def better today. Even a very tender spot along the upper lip line – really big diff in appearance and much, much less sore.

    Next up, some trigger points on the upper arm of same side as injured hand.

    This little device is going to be my constant companion from now on. Permanent neuropathy relief? Prob not. But more and longer lasting than any OTC pain reliever or topical. I love not having to take something orally for a very narrow area of pain.

    Oh, it also stopped a bug bite from itching within just a few minutes!

  • India

    I have neuropathy, small compacted
    Love it. You can used it on the face for treatment comes with goggles. Wavelengths is 660nm. 850nm near infrared for deep tissue treatment.
    With neuropathy, the myelin sheath, the protective layer around the nerves, dies without adequate blood supply. Infrared Light therapy increases blood flow, which provides temporary relief and reduces pain by providing the nerve with the much-needed oxygen and nutrients to stay healthy. With diabetic neuropathy, it encourages blood flow to extremities where it is most needed. Love it so far.

  • Bornoo1

    Honestly I was a bit skeptical regarding the effectiveness of this light for pain relief but out of complete and utter desperation I elected to give it a try. I had developed pain at the base of my skull that nothing really would help due to the location. I tried everything then came across the red light therapy for pain. I did not want to spend a ton of money on something that may be BS so I looked around and came across this product. I was pleasantly surprised that it did help. Did it completely remove my pain, No. Did it help decrease my pain, Yes. I have used it on other painful areas and I have to say it provided me with relief. Mind you my pain was not a 10 as anyone who experiences pain will tell you once your pain is out of control nothing helps and I mean nothing. This product works great for mild pain. I would recommend this product to friends and family.

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