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AS005 Infrared and red light therapy-reach the deep layers of the skin, stimulate cell repair and promote blood circulation, making the complexion more vibrant and youthful. Infrared is invisible to the naked eye and has strong penetrating power. It produces a thermal effect, increases tissue temperature, promotes blood circulation, enhances metabolism, and improves cell viability and regeneration.

AS005 Used on the back, buttocks, chest, neck, arms, shoulders, knees, feet, elbows. The adjustable lumbar support belt can help focus on the painful area.

Non-medicinal and non-invasive pain relief Our device has 630, 660, and 850 wavelengths which means our device penetrates deeper with both red and infrared light.

660NM red light Most of the red light is absorbed by the skin, thereby increasing collagen production and optimal skin health. 850 nautical miles of near-infrared light Near-infrared light can penetrate deep into the body, promote muscle recovery and reduce joint pain.

Experience a painless, safe, non-toxic, natural physical pain relief solution with no side effects, AS005 which can accelerate tissue recovery and reduce pain caused by inflammation and sports injuries, optimize metabolism and reduce excess abdominal fat.

Payment Plan : YES

Warranty : 1 year

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3 reviews
  • Dee Dee

    It helped with leg pain and l saw inches in my waist go down when l use it.

  • Jennifer C

    After using this product for more than 3 months, I have to say that I honestly can tell a huge difference in energy, pain relief and even with some weight control. I use it daily and can feel the difference if I miss! The product was shipped quickly, packaged carefully and offers a good quality. I did have a small issue with the lights but customer service quickly and efficiently handled it the issue for me. I am very pleased with this product and company and will purchase from them again. And I have not been asked to leave this review, but after the high quality customer service, I wanted to sing their praises.

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